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What is AutoShop POS Software

AutoShop is the easiest Point-of-Sales (POS) software developed to facilitate the day-to-day operations of wholesale and retail businesses. AutoShop  has a proven reliability and robustness. It is therefore by far, the best value for money POS software in the marketplace today.

What are the basic Features of AutoShop POS Software?

AutoShop is an integrated POS software package. This means that it has many modules packed into one. AutoShop Point of Sales module, AutoShop Stock control module, AutoShop Accounts receivable and payable modules and many more.

Can I organise my sales and purchases activities?

Sure you can. Once you install AutoShop POS software, your worries will be over. The software captures every cash and credit sales transaction made, by which shop attendant, what quantities and at what prices. It is so easy. No more struggling with calculators on your counter. What is more, customer satisfaction is enhanced as prices for your products are captured by AutoShop and invoice totals computed. You enjoy the same flexibility with your purchases. In addition, all your sales and purchases activities are fully integrated into the Stock control module.

How can I control my numerous stock items?

Your investment in the wholesale and retail business is the stock items. The accuracy of the stock levels of every single item in stock can therefore not be over emphasised. It is therefore very important to put a stress free control mechanism in place for all stock items. AutoShop stock control module is structured and automatically controls the flow of all stock items. Each variable that affect your stock level is taken into consideration as various transactions occur. This is a great time saver. You can now value your products at a glance. Random stock list helps you to physically and randomly check stock levels for selected items. This makes up for the workload involved in physical stock-taking exercise.

How can I regulate stock levels at wholesale and retail points?

Easy! AutoShop has provision for multiple stock locations. The flow of stock  items to and from various locations is automatically monitored and stock levels adjusted accordingly. This saves you the hustle of using and going through  hard cover note books and loads of tally cards. Don't forget that unlike other products, AutoShop has no limit to the number of stock items  that it accepts.

What changes should I expect in customer invoicing?

Simple. Connect a receipt/POS  printer at the retail point of sales and print out itemised sales receipts. Connect a normal printer at the wholesale point and print out customer invoices. AutoShop keeps duplicates of each receipt and invoice issued and raised. In addition, you can back up all transactions at the close of day for save keeping.

Other features include:

Periodic Sales /Purchasing reporting by date, by sales attendant etc. Product requisition reports, Expiring products list, Customer financial statements, Stock Level and Value reports,


Connect your busy front desk to the back office by way of a peer-to-peer network.  All other activities can be posted at the back office while the busy front desk (sales counter) can be reserved for only sales activity.

Who is currently using AutoShop?

Pharmaceutical companies: Reference- Elenark Pharmacy, for more than five years, Tel:0244790843

Laundry and dry Cleaners: Reference-American Laundries and Dry Cleaners, for more than five years, Tel:0244147455

Designers : Reference- Kwashie Tailors, for more than five years, Tel:021-778376

Others: Reference -God is Able Enterprise: for more than five years, Tel:0362-20034

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